Hibiscus & Lime

A slightly tart ginger beer brewed with hibiscus and fresh lime juice. 4.5% ABV.


Hibiscus Lime Info

EXTRA Ginger

Our flagship Ginger Beer, the one that started it all! Brewed with extra ginger. 6.0% ABV.

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Fresh Lemonade

A crushable blend of our craft hard ginger beer and homemade lemonade. 4.1% ABV.

Ginger Shandy Info

Limited Release

We love trying new ingredients in our ginger beers! This rotational line is always available and changes often. 

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Ginger beer was first brewed during the colonial spice trade, when ginger from southeast Asia and cane sugar from the Caribbean were fermented to produce a mildly alcoholic and wildly popular beer. Ginger beer was one of America’s favorite beverages until the 1920s when prohibition put a stop to the public production and sale of alcoholic ginger beer, leaving it largely forgotten. Over the last several years, Halyard has worked tirelessly to rediscover the lost art of brewing alcoholic ginger beer and reintroduce it to the American people.

What Makes Us Different

Real ingredients

Better for You

Gluten Free

Revitalizing a Lost Brew

Great in Cocktails

New Brews

Best served with a side of oysters

Having a Cape Cod summer?

Make sure you pick up a case of your favorite ginger beer (now sold all over the cape)🫚

Or pair a can with a platter of oysters at The Beachcomber… 

either way, we’re jealous!

River Pirate

River Pirate is back with the same great flavors and ingredients as our classic brews just without the abv!

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