Justin Quintal

Justin Quintal is one of those surfers that is just fun to watch do his thing. He’ll dazzle you with fancy footwork on a longboard in 2 foot slop, or pull into a massive barrel, made of water that is a barely liquid 35 degrees. Growing up surfing along the Southeastern United States, his determination earned him multiple Amateur National titles, only to be relegated to doing manual labor and waiting tables when surfing wasn’t paying the bills. The greats of any sport don’t give up that easy, and winning countless pro events along the East Coast and around the world kept his dream alive long enough for him to get 2 Bachelors degrees to fall back on. As Quintal was honing his craft, long boarding was easing back into its roots. Justin’s friend and soon to be mentor, Joel Tudor, started the Vans Duct Tape Invitational at the US Open of Surfing. Quintal quickly became the fan favorite, and he's won 7 times collectively, making him unarguably one of the best long boarders in the world.

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Sam Ellsworth
Ashley Rosemeyer

Ashley Rosemeyer is a photographer based in Burlington,VT. She received her BFA at Edinboro University, a fine arts college in Pennsylvania. Her unique approach to composition has opened up opportunities for her to travel around the country to shoot and sharpen her craft. Currently a staff photographer at RL Photo studio and head photographer at Sugarbush Parks, Ashley is consistently pushing her creativity forward on a daily basis. When she isn't shooting photos, you can find her mountain biking, snowboarding, or exploring around the green mountain state.

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Kenneth Richards