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Halyard: a rope used for raising and lowering a sail.

Ginger Beer was first brewed during the colonial spice trade, when ginger from southeast Asia and cane-sugar from the Caribbean were fermented to produce a mildly alcoholic and wildly popular beer. Ginger Beer was one of America’s favorite beverages until the 1920s when prohibition put a stop to the public production and sale of alcoholic ginger beer, leaving it largely forgotten.

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Kenny Richards, owner and founder of Halyard Brewing Company, was working towards his PhD in Religious Studies when he ran across an old recipe for alcoholic ginger beer. He was excited by the idea of reviving this forgotten beverage and started tinkering at home. After a lot of research and trial and error, he developed a recipe he really liked, and Halyard Brewing Company was born.

We have worked hard to rediscover the lost craft of brewing alcoholic ginger beer and pay homage to the ginger beer of America’s past, while innovating with new techniques and flavors. All of our ginger beers are made with organic and fair trade ingredients and are naturally fermented, gluten free alcoholic beverages that can be enjoyed on their own, on ice with a squeeze of lime or in a hand fashioned cocktail.

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At Halyard Brewing Company, we believe in the gallantry of wanderlust, be it near or far. We are rovers, environmentalists, philosophers, brewers, dancers, poets. We are lovers of difference. Our faith is that of the open sky, our sacrament is the fiery rhizome: ginger.

We are proud to be a Vermont company and are inspired by the people and beauty of this great state and the perseverance of those who have made Vermont their home.